How important are the new media in brand loyalty?

How does the concept of brand loyalty in the new mobile and social context? How do you connect online behaviors measured loyalty as measured by the purchasing behavior? And distribution industry can jointly develop brand loyalty and dedicated in the new context? t will be dedicated to these issues, the twelfth edition of the annual meeting on the future of micro-marketing, which will be held on 26 October in Parma, organized by the fidelity of the Department of Economics, University of Parma. Manager for distributors, industry brand, services and technologies will meet to discuss on customer loyalty as a value determinant for success. In the digital age, and so-called ubiquitous connectivity, the relationship between brands and customers is undergoing major change, as emphasized by Cristina Ziliani, associate professor of marketing and head of the Observatory, during the presentation of the conference. “The growing use of new media offers brands new opportunities to interact with consumers directly and at any time of the purchase process. This is not always linear but characterized by an online connection status and social standing. ” The future of brand loyalty then launches new challenges for companies, especially given the current economic climate of the economy.

The Observatory is a Fidelity company founded in 1998 within the Department of Economics, University of Parma reaping the fruits of a twenty-year commitment to the research group at the University of marketing in the marketing field distribution, and industrial relations Industry-distribution. Its purpose is to help develop a culture of customer loyalty and marketing based on knowledge of the customers at enterprises of our country, conducting research, disseminating the progress of studies on fidelity to the international level and consideration of cases and excellent tools . In addition, the Centre aims to be a shared space on the themes of loyalty marketing for businesses, researchers and students, stimulating discussions and insights.


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