Video communication between companies at a turning point

Until now, large-scale deployment of video communications solutions has been slowed by low-user quality, relevant costs and the need to manually make the connections. The implementation process of interconnectivity company also is often expensive and extremely complex. The company’s solutions of video in HD Vidyo Inc takes a step forward in providing interconnectivity between companies with VidyoWay ™, a free service that supports videoconferencing multi-vendor multi-party or point-to-point. Using an intuitive interface that can be used independently with ease, VidyoWay can connect systems for meeting Cisco ®, Polycom ®, Lifesize ® and other types of H.323 and SIP, Microsoft ® Lync ® client, mobile devices and phones. VidyoWay is a valid response to the needs of increasingly widespread interconnectivity, without the cost and complexity, sometimes remarkable, that end users are now facing. The service creates a community inter VidyoWay of users regardless of their video conferencing endpoints, creating a “meeting room” free cloud-based service that broadens the scope beyond the videoconferencing rooms equipped or limitations related to the location of the user or the compatibility between technologies. Allowing the use of videoconferencing over the walls and making the video inter-company accessible and easy to use as audio conferencing. VidyoWay will give impetus to rapid market growth through the network-effect created by an increasingly more popular and will complement and accelerate the sales of the platform VidyoConferencing. Companies interested in booking the service can do it on the website Vidyo. Vidyo, Inc. was the first company to continue the system of personal telepresence, video conferencing, which allows you to launch “natural” HD multi-point on the tablet and smart phones, PC and Mac, room systems, doors that interact with endpoints H. 323 and SIP, telepresence solutions and practical solutions for cloud-based transmission. In Italy has offices in the center of Milan, Via Leopardi 1. To learn more, see or Blog or follow @ Vidyo on Twitter.


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