Whirlpool awards the Italian medals at London Olympics

In the Olympic Games in London tomorrow at the starting line, Whirlpool has created a very interesting marketing initiative. Athletes Italian medalists from the areas of Varese, Naples, Siena and Trento, where the corporation has its own production sites, Whirlpool will give: a full complement of kitchen appliances to gold; a refrigerator side by sidealle silver medals, and a washing machine last generation with a specific sports program for athletes that will conquer the bronzo. Whirlpool EMEA, on the eve of the Olympic Games in London, sets out the awards for Italian athletes who win a medal and that originate in the territory where there are the sites of multinational). Whirlpool, KitchenAid and through the brand, will be the main sponsor of the European Rowing scheduled for September 14 to 16 Varese in Italy is devoting much attention to sports tracing the history of the owner of Ignis Giovanni Borghi a true pioneer of the sponsoring athletes who came to excel in the world, with the quintet from basketball Ignis which laid down the law in basketball to rowing, cycling to football, when the Varese could boast in its eleven players that they would speak of himself as Peter Anastasi and Roberto Bettega. But who are the athletes who will benefit from the initiative once avrano won an Olympic medal? In Trento: Francesca Dallape, Yuri Floriani, Jessica Tomasi; in Naples: Andrea Caianiello, Antonio Ciano, Antonella Del Core, Joseph Giordano, Diego Occhiuzzi, Mario Paonessa, Vincenzo Picardi, Andrea Rolla, Clemente Russo, Mauro Sarmiento, Luigi Tarantino to Siena: Chiara Bazzoni,. Varese: Sara Bertolasi, Catherine Bosetti, Noemi Cantele, Alessandro Fei, Michele Frangilli, Pierpaolo Frattini, Michela Guzzetti, Elia Luini, Romina Laurito, Elizabeth Treasure, Lucia Bosetti, Katherine Bosetti


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