Waterworks Pugliese a driving force for the region

The fight to illegal and recovery of losses throughout the administrative area served were two major factors that contributed to the good performance Apulian Aqueduct for the year 2011. Consolidated revenues reached 452 million euros, an increase of about 22 million (+5.3%) compared to 2010, thanks to a systematic and comprehensive action to fight to illegal and the recovery of losses over the administrative servito.Al net area of financial management, and sales taxes that extraordinary period, consolidated net profit for the period amounted to 40.7 million euros, up from 36.9 million recorded in 2010. With water supply for over 21,000 km to serve 4 million people, 11,000 kilometers of sewers and 184 purifiers, Aqueduct Pugliese SpA, is a major national player in the integrated water cycle management, ranging from the collection, the collection until the water purification and distribution services in addition to sewage and wastewater treatment. Pugliese Aqueduct S.p.A. takes full control of Pure Purification Ltd, which manages the sewage treatment plants located in Puglia, Pure Water Ltd, which is entrusted the management of water treatment plants and Aseco SpA, active in the production of natural fertilizer.


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