Willem Meijer will step down as ceo of TOM on 1 September

Willem Meijer will step down as ceo of TOM on 1 September 2016.

Meijer has been ceo of TOM since the start of the company 7 years ago. During that period TOM established a solid position in the Netherlands as the first competitive trading venue in options. Over the years TOM gained 40% market share and has decreased tariffs by 70%.

TOM is a trading venue in The Netherlands offering equity and options trading and aiming for optimal competition between markets. To be able to offer clients the best available price for their orders, TOM developed a search engine (‘TOM Smart Execution’) which compares prices, faster than the blink of an eye, between markets. In principle, a client’s order is executed at the trading venue showing the best available price. TOM has established a substantial market position in equity and options trading. The shareholders of TOM are: ABN AMRO Clearing, BinckBank, IMC, Nasdaq and Optiver.


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