The Solidarity Fund Cofi-Icr to help small and medium businesses

Unjustified return bank after years of reports, timely reductions of loans and unilateral changes to the contract terms in a pejorative sense are the result of a bank-firm spoiled by not fair and psychological subjection of companies, their dependence on banks by the misinformation of depositors are forced to interact with speakers of a language to understand it. In a decisively labored for small and medium-sized enterprises, and not only for them, Cofi Ltd., which operates in the field of controls on corporate finance and Impresecheresistono, spontaneous movement that brings together more than a thousand small business owners throughout Italy, wanted to find a concrete solution to facilitate and promote the use of specialist services, to improve the relationship and dialogue with the banks benefit from historical reports, raise companies and especially finding liquidity and breath in a context of general need. The Solidarity Fund Cofi-ICR allows companies in serious and corroborating difficulty of access to specialized services provided by the bank controls Cofi srl, is to resolve critical situations such as the peremptory demand of a return, or to obtain any compensation for sums unduly earned by banks over the years with usurious rates, compound interest, fees and expenses ultralegali, etc.. The service at preferred rates provides for the allocation of 10% of each intervention provided by Cofi and 2% on any amount recovered by the banks in favor of the Solidarity Fund Cofi – Icr. In some cases, this type of intervention not only saves businesses, jobs and families from the threat of failure, but reintroduced in company liquidity lost over the years through illegal banking practices, useful to revive the business. The agreement between Cofi and Icr has found fertile ground with a strong need, observed by the movement of national enterprises, to re-establish dialogue with the banks. Dialogue not always simple and, especially in this period, completely absent in some cases limit.
Sustain each other effectively to resist and continue to exist: this sums up the manifesto of the small and medium entrepreneurs “angry organized” since 2009 gathered in spontaneous movement Icr-Impresecheresistono, with the aim of enhancing the labor force to defend jobs impresa.Il and spontaneous movement was born in May 2009. Luke Peotta brings together for the first time in forty entrepreneurs Moretta (CN) and then at Gam (Gallery of Modern Art) in Turin meet this time one hundred and fifty companies, where they are formalized nine points that will be required of the institutions of ICR IRAP, access to credit, deadlines banking, social security and tax, tax credits, VAT, social safety nets, certainty of payments. Icr Impresecheresistono, calls can continue to exist and maintain employment throughout the national territory (4,000,000 of micro, small and medium-sized businesses and their employees, the backbone of the country).
A leading company in Italy in the field of banking laws, has 20 years of experience in the field, € 5.4 million recovered in the last 5 years, and € 40 million in the course of recovery by banks to their customers. The services are intended to Cofi all the companies, apart from their size and their specific operational, particularly after finding, in a direct and clear on the basis of more than 15,000 current accounts analyzed, how many of them are applied to differing interests any written agreement, compound interest, commissions never under contract but charged to the account, overdraft charges, charges not due, up to a real rate of wear. Cofi is the only company in Italy to be equipped with dual certification of quality and ethics.


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