Photovoltaic systems for students to Grosseto

It will cost 1 million euros 561mila the design, construction and operation of plants for the production of electricity from solar PV to be installed on school buildings of the Citadel Student of Grosseto. All this without the province disbursements only one euro. The plants will be located in six school buildings and will allow those buildings to use every day, for their own needs, the energy directly from the sun. To achieve self-sufficiency of the Citadel from the energy point of view, the Province will rely on project financing. The announcement is the result of collaboration between the offices of the Province and the COSVIG, the national consortium for support and development of collateral, established in 2006 by Confesercenti. The Province will grant free loan for use, for the entire duration of the concession areas for the installation of the panels. “This project will provide a significant savings for the coffers of the province,” said Fernando Pianigiani, Councillor for Infrastructure in the Province of Grosseto, “and will be a first step of a more ambitious aims to build solar power plants on the property of the other buildings. The commitment is then, even now, to insert instruments for energy efficiency projects in buildings to be built or renovated by the Province. ” The contract includes the development of the design, construction and operation of plants for 20 years, as well as the application and management of the energy bill to the recognition of the tariff by the GSE and the assignment of claims, the request and the ‘ obtaining all authorizations, clearances, opinions, acts of assent and anything else needed for the execution of the construction of the work inclusive of the cost of security, network connection and commissioning in addition to testing . The licensee shall operate the facilities ensuring the functionality and should provide for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The Province of Grosseto allow the licensee access to facilities made whenever necessary. The systems must be constructed and arranged in trade regime in place, in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force. The entire notice is available on the website of the Province and those who want to participate – possessing the qualification certificate for design and construction in the category OG 9 Table IV – will have until 12 noon on 25 September 2012.


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