Get Familiar with Microsoft Azure Passing Microsoft AZ-900 Test

Get Familiar with Microsoft Azure Regardless of Your Background by Passing Microsoft AZ-900 Test with the Help of Exam Dumps

In the world of fast-growing economies and technology, data can become outdated in a matter of seconds. That is why the IT experts have to keep an eye on the latest technologies and innovations or they will be pushed aside. Microsoft has led the way in the history of technology and its developments. It has been trendy from the very beginning and has been a pioneer in the IT world as well. Therefore, many people who want to succeed and flourish in their IT careers are heading towards the new Microsoft technology.

Thus, due to the growing range of Cloud services that support a lot of companies nowadays, Microsoft developed its own certification program, which helps all the interested candidates to verify their skills. Cloud technologies such as Azure have redefined how we work with secure and flexible Cloud applications.So, in this article, we will talk about the very first test that you should take if you want to start your journey with Azure technologies, which is Microsoft AZ-900. Ivanna T

Exam features

The AZ-900 exam, also known as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, is a useful starter for understanding Cloud concepts, such as Azure services, security, Azure workloads, and privacy in Azure, as well as Azure pricing and support. This test is an optional preliminary phase on the road to the advanced exams but plays a critical role in the mandatory tests. It also steps up your game and improve your fundamental awareness of Cloud computing. Besides, Microsoft AZ-900 is also accessible to the non-technical specialists interested in Azure Cloud and its core services.

Ivy U This preliminary path is designed for those individuals who are interested in Cloud services purchase and sale. It is also helpful in validating specific Cloud services or solution awareness.


To pass this certification test, you need to master the topics, which will be checked during this exam.The questions will be formed from the following domains:

  • Describe the concepts of Cloud (15-20%);
  • Define the core services of Azure (30-35%);
  • Describe security, compliance, trust, and privacy (25-30%);
  • Define Azure pricing, lifecycles, and Service Level Agreements (20-25%).

The AZ-900 test consists of about 40-60 questions of various formats and the students must complete them in 60 minutes. These questions will be scenario-based and may provide several options to choose from. This exam measures your fundamental concepts and basic knowledge. It costs $99 and is available in French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, English, German, and Japanese. Jace V

Preparation recommendations

The final result of your test will be the representation of the efforts that you have put you’re your preparation. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right approach before you plan for your exam. Here are some options that you can include in your learning strategy to make the task easier for you:

  • Microsoft Learning Platform

Jack W Firstly, we recommend that youcheck the Microsoft LearningPortal because this is a proper place to start your preparation for any of the Microsoft tests. The links to all free research materials, exam conditions, patterns, review policies, and study groups can be found on this platform. You can also find study guides and practice tests there or enroll for the training course from the official page.

  • Third-Party Websites

Using exam dumps helps the learners make logical answers by connecting every mark. They list the core concepts strategically in a query format, by which your mind holds the topics quicker. Thus, it enhances your comprehension by delving more deeply into the content. Jackson X


Starting with the basics is always a good strategy for mastering the skills in the area you are interested in. Thus, if you want to become an expert in Azure technology, the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is the option you need to start with. Jacob Y