Samsung has lost but the best is yet to come

Ajay Bhalla, Professor of Global Innovation at the Cass Business School in London, says that the damage caused to Samsung will be short-lived. We asked him to comment on the case. “Apple also’ll be celebrating the verdict of the jury, according to which Samsung would deliberately copied design elements and user interface of some of its products, but this will not last long. Samsung has already established itself as the only competitor able to give a hard time to Apple in more than one category of mobile products, from the iPad to the iPhone. In the process, he established his image as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) at low cost and is fast emerging as a brand in which innovation is at home. Since its OEM heritage, and as one of the leading suppliers such as Sony and Apple, has learned to combine design innovation and marketing. Samsung has not only sharply focused on process improvement and cost efficiency, the group is making concerted efforts to make innovation its trademark, and yes, it is succeeding in most segments of consumption. For customers, the legal battle is good news. Each temporary truce to Apple in the U.S. market as an opportunity to promote the presence of heavyweights yesterday – as Nokia, which focuses on the upcoming Windows 8 to distinguish itself from Apple and Android dominate the market. In summary, the final outcome of the Apple-Samsung saga is likely to stir up even more war innovation. Apple and Samsung are already focused on the next phase of the consumer revolution, not to mention Google. The best is yet to come. ”

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