Sep 04 2012

The difficult strategy

What will happen to our boys? What chance have peri create a future? A job, a house, a family, social services and pensions. In this strange summer for the writer meant work, work and more work (but also some sea bath) I had a clear vision. From war to date but especially in the late ’60s and late ’80s in Italy we have lost the best excellence that we had available. Excellence in many fields and industries. And not just economic. It seems that in this country the crossroads of interests and international intrigue, trench warfare of the subtle political and social being fought between East and West, has prevailed gang war political / economic, rather than the care and passion for common interests. For the nation. In those years the Italian economic miracle was also palpable spirit of initiative, a national strategy and a certain social cohesion. Although class struggles are not missed. Decades in which they were born and developed great economic and social experiences. But the political and social struggle that has been developed for the dominance of one over the other has left on the street the best of what at that time was born and had grown. Among these, even our educational institutions. The school has always been a great Cinderella. While other countries were investing in education and university education, in research, but also in technical or starting to work, we were able to give them too. We have abused, neglected and humiliated the study. And today we are paying heavily the consequences. Our country is palpable every day in thousands of everyday moments the lack (and lack) of unified strategy. It seems that there is no plan, no strategy, goal. There is no economic planning as well as missing the university. There is a summary, a mind that takes the row, creating a path, milestones and especially the ultimate goal. Everything is left to the good will – and interests – the individual institutions. And we’re not calling for more state control, it would be anachronistic. But more effort, yes, yes most common strategy, more collective planning, yes. But this tactic in the school is detrimental. Recovering what never was, or was there only in sporadic and poorly organized, it is impossible now. One thing you can do: put around the same table businesses and universities and institutions with a bit ‘of money to spend. Objective: Plan, establish and choose possible investments in science and research, so that they can be translated into new businesses and new heights within a few years. Facilitate, promote and get that business and school work together, create together. Help and financial support to enterprises in training (there are ways). It would be a good sign for the new generations. It would be a way to avoid the mistakes of the fathers upon the children to fall over, fall even on the grandchildren.

Jul 24 2012

Here we go, we start

We have slumbering for several months and finally we decided to start publishing this site even if we’re not ready. Of course, the bureaucracy has done its part to dilate the time of online publication. If it had been quicker we might be able to meet deadlines that were imposed. Also when you go on a new publishing venture, whatever it is, it sets in motion diverse skills, mechanisms, strategies and varied humanity, trying to miss as little as possible, check everything, make no mistakes. But in over thirty years of experience in the publishing field we understand that make any mistakes is not possible. To go all out, but yes you can. And that’s what we do every day. Our online newspaper, free and independent is committed to become a benchmark for small and medium enterprises. To them is dedicated to this new site.

We would like beyond mere information, they may not readily appear in national and local newspapers, reading these pages, some entrepreneurs succeed in obtaining the information could be useful to expand their business. How? Anticipating the moves of competition, changing distribution channels, changing the logistics, increasing knowledge and caring for the training of its employees, changing suppliers, and why not questioning their business model. So we’d like thousands of small entrepreneurs, who are fighting every day (today) to survive and (tomorrow) to grow from this site should gain something good for their business. It will be a site for all that within the next few months we will further focus and cook better. But now we are off. I forgot: we may not see here every day, but certainly one that will never be the desire to take stock of the issues that matter.

Have a good job