ZJS Express becomes GLS partner in China

The group has a new GLS partner in China. It is ZJS Express, a leading private courier operating in the Republic of China, that will use the GLS network for its shipments to the market europeo.I terms of the collaboration require ZJS Express Co. Ltd. will send consignments the European market from Beijing by air to Frankfurt or London. Next, will be prepared for additional gateways in the industrial centers of Shanghai and Shenzhen. Consignments for delivery in the UK and Northern Ireland pass through London, while all other shipments will be incorporated into the existing network GLS via Frankfurt. The GLS licensed IATA airport office and headquarters at Frankfurt Airport will be responsible for customs clearance and shipping ensuring safe distribution throughout Europe. “In addition to the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, Europe is one of the most important trading partners of China,” says Rico Back, CEO of GLS Group. In addition to maritime transport is the main route of trade with China, the express mail service is becoming increasingly important for SMEs with small amounts. This is especially true for spares or for products sold by e-commerce. The new trading partner of GLS, ZJS Express with its network covers more than 2,000 cities in China. The main distribution centers in the fourth largest country in the world in terms of surface are connected by road and air transport. In the sector employs over 20,000 employees in more than 3,000 stations. For the processing of European expeditions in China, will use the scanning stations and software UniQue GLS. In this way it is ensured the first flow of information such as that of data necessary clearance. In addition, the sender from China can use the search function shipping throughout Europe. The new partnership will begin with delivery to Europe, I will rely on GLS ZJS Express for the distribution of shipments to the Republic of China on behalf of its clients. Even in Russia, India, Middle East and Hong Kong, GLS has strong partners that are among the industry leaders in their markets. For more information: www.gls-italy.com

The GLS Group in Europe

GLS, General Logistics Systems BV (Based Directional Amsterdam), offers courier services reliable and high-quality 212,000 customers in Europe, as well as value-added logistics solutions. “Leaders of Quality in shipments to Europe” is the guiding principle of GLS. GLS attaches great importance to operate its business in a sustainable way: Think Green initiative summarizes the environmental protection activities promoted at European level. The group is present in 42 European countries through its own subsidiaries and partners, and is connected globally through partnerships contractually guaranteed. In Europe, GLS has 37 distribution centers and 660 offices. Thanks to its distribution network on the road, GLS is one of Europe’s leading express courier. 13,400 employees and 16,510 vehicles shall endeavor every day. In fiscal year 2011/12 have been shipped 375 million packages and the turnover reached 1.81 billion euros.


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