Young, urbanized and medium-high. It ‘s the portrait of Italian navigators according to the report Audiweb

By Charles Faricciotti. The Italian sailors are young, urbanized and medium-high. The Italians are 60 million (60 million 813mila 326 to be precise), and of these just over half use the internet. However, if the total population cut out the area that covers the age group 11-74 years the number of internet s ale much, to 78.9% of campione.It is one of the data that emerges from the Report, the for the month of July, Audiweb, the body in the Audi family (Auditel, Audipress, Audicinema, Audiradio etc) records the data of the Internet audience in Italy. Audiweb is attended by trade associations representing market players: Fedoweb then, the association of online publishers; (UPA Members Advertising Association), which represents national and multinational companies that invest in advertising; ASSAP Services, the company services AssoComunicazione , the “Confindustria” agencies and media centers. Staying in the age group 11-74 years, the most interesting from the point of view of the companies, it appears that the majority of users browsing from home (73% of the sample), while 31.3% use mobile phones evolved and smartphone. More limited the use of tablet (4%), flat screen TV (5.5%), gaming consoles (8.5%). If we extrapolate from the category 11-74enni subcategory Occupied we see that 22.5% of these go on the Web from work. Also in the category 11-74enni tells us Audiweb, most of the users are young, that is to say between the ages of 11 and 34, and live in cities with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants. Under the socio-demographic profile, a picture emerges of a degree or diploma browser and engaged in positions of responsibility. Finally, in that 31% of 11-74enni using advanced mobile phones and smartphones dominated the young (11-34 years), mostly located in the Centre and in the North West of Italy. Among the tasks performed: surf the Internet, manage e-mail, access to social networks, download apps, free or paid.


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