United States at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012

For the first time this year’s Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre become one big event, completely open to the public, that place from the 25th a Torino al October 29, 2012 (Lingotto Fiere and the Oval), organized by Slow Food and Piemonte Region City of Turin, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forrest. A  major presence at this event will be the United States through the representatives of farmers, processors, chefs and students of the 50 North American food community who meet together in Turin the producers of Slow Food and the Ark of Taste products selected. He made his debut at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre Network of Farmers Organic Afro-Americans in the Southeast: the co-founder and coordinator Cynthia Hayes will present the Network’s projects, the commitment to involve young people and farming communities of the South East United States and the interesting collaboration with the campaign Thousand Gardens in Africa. Cynthia is also among the speakers at the conference New models of production and consumption of 27 at 12 am Saturday, where we explain all emerging and established patterns of production and distribution: short chains, community supported agriculture (CSA) Buying groups solidarity (Gas), the Association pour une agriculture MAINTIEN of Confederation (Amap), tape the farmer, the rural district of economic solidarity, collective gardens. Back in Turin Alice Waters, vice president of Slow Food, chef and activist, addressing the issue of nutrition education for young people at the conference The roots of the revolution. The voice of America will be represented at other meetings for the presentation of some key projects: Michael Dimock, president of the group to defend the food system Roots of Change, is among the speakers at the conference the right to food: how it works? October 26 to 15, while two experts in marine environments such as Seth Macinko and Brett Tolley guide the Conference of the oceans The Guardian Friday 26 at 15. The Earth Market in Greenville, the first U.S. Earth Market was founded in May 2011, attend the event with representatives of local farmers. The invitation for the sweet tooth is instead to visit the stand dedicated to desserts with Mama’s Nuts or Scrumptious Pantry. One of the producers of the Presidium of the Navajo-Churro sheep – which is a discussion on the proposed site of the event – Carrie House, also participates in the conference Goodbye to!, Thursday 25 am to 18, to promote a more informed consumer of the meat. Finally, the U.S. craft beer has been given a starring role in the Laboratory of the Taste From East to West, from North to South … Beers on the Road!, Friday 26 at 19.30, a meeting designed to explore the reality of American small breweries , in the fast development: more than 2000 producers and 900 are already open very soon, the growth in demand for craft beers is a direct consequence of the wide variety of tastes, flavors, styles and new frontiers in American cuisine.

These are the Slow Food USA at the event:

The Gravenstein apple of Sebastopol


The Navajo-Churro sheep:


Rice Manoomin Anishinaabeg


Www.slowfood.it of the complete program of the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

To learn more about the activities, projects and products in Turin Americans are encouraged to review: Cultivating the revolution, the interview with the CEO of Terra Madre Jim Embri activist has always been committed to stem the social injustice and supporting those who are in difficulty


The sheep willed by the gods: According to mythology, the Navajo sheep was sent to earth to the gods, who promised the men a domesticated form …


Green Pippin grew up in New York: Gravenstein apples arrived in California in 1820 and again in the seventies the northern county of Sonoma, was considered the world capital of the Gravenstein apple. But today much of the land is cultivated with much more profitable varieties of grapes. Only a dozen farmers, an area of circa350 hectares, grown still Gravenstein. Of the 40 companies that worked in 1958, now it has remained one …


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