Theses Software to the environmental sustainability of Pepsico Italy

Thesis Group and Pepsico Italy presented the TMS project tracking Web, aimed at improving the management and control of shipments of Pepsico Italy, with particular attention to the issue of environmental impact and reduction of CO2 emissions. The project was developed on the basis of applying Net Mover software Thesis dedicated to transportation, with the aim of creating a database to highlight critical areas related to the transport of finished products and then to develop a plan of improvement ‘ footprint. TMS Tracking Web-based green part of the strategy of the U.S. multinational, aimed at reducing environmental impact in all business processes and thus lower consumption of water, electricity, gas and packaging materials, the Italian branch is proposed as European example, being the first country to have implemented a computerized monitoring of CO2 emissions from the transport of its products (Pepsi, Gatorade, Tropicana and Lipton) from warehouses to customers. In close collaboration with the supply chain of Pepsico Italy, the Group has developed a new thesis module Net Mover, completely devoted to the analysis of environmental impact. By means of a classification registry, the application lets you track the CO2 emissions of each individual shipment, pursuing the objectives set by the company, which included the management and control of shipments timely, targeted to receive information on a timely delivery of results by carriers, and the determination of the performance of each individual carrier and level of customer service than the original order based on KPI (Key Performance Indicators). “The supply chain is provided by external carriers, which have proved very sensitive towards the reduction of consumption, “said Antonio Zanetti, supply chain manager of Pepsico Italy,” so that we could choose to exclude from delivery means more pollution. 50% reduction in those categories in favor of the Euro 3 Euro 4 and 5, initial estimates indicate that this choice will reduce the environmental impact of 3% compared to 2010 and in future this percentage will be set to improve. ” The Thesis Group has been trading since 1995 as a manufacturer of software solutions for Supply Chain, the Transportation and Retail. Thanks to its design capacity is able to meet the needs of businesses through a collaborative business model, aimed at improving processes and performance. Net Mover in particular is the solution of the suite Thesis Business Control Tower that allows you to control and manage all phases and the costs of primary and secondary transport in a structured way, even for multi-leg shipments (gum, sea, air, rail) and / or multi-provider (outsourcer, shippers, carriers and owner-operators).


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