The longevity? Is a question of skin

90 years old but does not look it. To celebrate this event Hansaplast in Italy, promoted a number of initiatives including “patches that return the smile”, in collaboration with the Fondazione Onlus Doctor Smile. Will start in October, in fact, the competition promoted by Beiersdorf and the Foundation that will reward the artistic creativity of the young patients of some important Italian hospitals. Children will be invited to draw the “patch more fun there,” in order to make it more cheerful their stay in hospital. Laughter can be an effective medicine and is not limited to the field of psychology, it also has positive effects on treatment: the smile produces endorphins and those who smile have a better immune defense. With 17 million meters of plaster products since 1922, enough to circle the earth at the equator to 430 times, Elastoplast over the past 90 years has produced a wide range of products for the wound care, treatment of joint pain and muscle, foot care and reduction in new or existing scars, not to mention the patches comforters for children with Disney motifs.


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