The group Oldrati opens in Bursa (Turkey)

Designed to operate in the molding of technical items in rubber group Oldrati – – now has over 30 000 products in different sectors research, development and production of molds, mixing and automation in elastomeric materials, production processes such as molding rubber and plastic. The group owns 100% of the Oldrati Industrial Gasket, owners of the establishments Villongo, Adrara and Adr or Silital the last acquisition of the group. The same holding company participates in 75% of the Brazilian industrial society Oldrati do Brasil, owns 100% of Saci, Oldrati Slovensko, a company which in turn owns 100% of Royaltek and participates in 50% of Miflex SK. These partnerships should also be added to the sales offices in the UK and the U.S., as well as a production joint venture in India. The group also produces filters for fuel, water, and air filter-cabin. With these acquisitions the group can expand its presence in specific markets and supply companies such as Electrolux, Indesit, Candy, Honey, Agusta helicopters, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Ducati and Cagiva The group is based in Villongo (Bg), with plants production in Villongo, Adro (Bs), Adrara San Martino (Bs), Palazzolo S / O (Bs), Telgate (Bg). To the east is from 2004 in Slovakia, with Oldrati SK, SK Miflex, Tecar Europe. The group’s turnover in 2011 was 103 million euros, with investment of 5.5% and a workforce of 1,000 employees. With the opening of Oldrati LASTIK Ltd in Bursa Oldrati the group aims to provide leading groups in the automotive, appliance and heating on the market today turkish who need strategic suppliers to guarantee quality, service and competitive prices. They offers advice to co-design and co-engineering, research and development, preparation of compounds, making molds, stamping and production of rubber and plastics, construction of industrial filters for the automotive industry and water filtration. The marketing plan involves the production of a range of differentiated products, such as gaskets, O rings, bellows, bushings and bumpers, door, molded and extruded profiles, extruded tubes, grommets, diaphragms, gaskets for water filtration, filters for car. The group’s mission in Turkey is not the decentralization of production today all “made in Italy” but new manufacturing expansion to middle east markets (Asia Mediterranean).


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