The French held pending the Chinese

After the equipment of the most important ski resorts in the Alps and the world, is now ready to launch the conquest of all the peaks, cities and amusement parks on the planet! More international than ever, the French company Sigma – – arrives in the amusement park in Shenzhen ecological flagship of the “Cote d’Azur” of China. The French manufacturer of lifts – which exports 75% of its production – has been commissioned to build a cable car that will replace the one installed in 2004. A challenge that took Sigma presenting a project that will be completed in about six months, from feasibility studies to the assembly of cabins, currently under construction in the workshops Sigma. The objective is to create a train of two cars that provides a improved quality of comfort and safety, and that is pleasant for travelers. The funicular signature Sigma, will cabins with panoramic windows that allow optimal views along the way and meet the expectations of Chinese tourists They booths will be equipped with devices to listen to music, special lighting and display information for passengers.

In the small world of producers of cabins Sigma is a landmark on four continents. World leader in the cable cars and vehicles for the entertainment of its products are from New York to Las Vegas from London, where his capsule that looks futuristic design can be seen in large ferris wheel (the famous eye of British Airways) in Medellin (Colombia) where his cabin, tram real aircraft, carrying 1 million passengers every month, or in Hong Kong.


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