The week of Sukkot in Israel

The week of Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles, is characterized by many special events, parties and events for tourists and for the Israeli people. The festive atmosphere that surrounds the country kicks off in most of the cities with the exhibition of the Sukkah, a kind of market where you can find any kind of decoration, in addition to the Lulav ( a composition of four different plants, a branch of palm, three myrtle, willow two of which are related to each other only with vegetal elements, to which is added a cedar.) and Sukkot, which is the structure used to create the hut – Sukkah fact – that will be placed in the garden, on the balcony, in public places, mainly outdoors. The festival of Sukkot recalls the forty years that the Israelites spent in the desert before reaching the promised land. The name comes from Sukkot Sukkah, a hut or temporary dwelling that Jews build for the week in which they remember the anniversary. The Sukkah draws the curtains in which the Jews lived during the journey through the desert. During this week of celebration, the Jews used to live are certain times of day in the Sukkah: you can eat, you can spend time with your family, or even spend the night. Sukkot also has a meaning related to the world of nature represents the harvest festival, and this aspect is drawn mainly from the four plants that make up the Lulav For tourists visiting the north of the country, you can also participate in important events, such as for example, the 28th Haifa International Film Festival ( to be held from 29 September to 8 October and will see the screening of 280 films from over 40 countries, over 70 local films screenings. Or 33 ° Akko Fringe Theater Festival, October 1 to 4, which will feature performances by hundreds of Israeli and international artists (, or even the 20th Renaissance Festival with knights, court jesters and ethnic music which will take place October 1 to 5 in the Western Galilee. Jerusalem will host the traditional Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall (Wednesday, 3 October) and the colorful march with thousands of Israelis and Christians from all over the world to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles Christian (October 4). The 42nd Abu Ghosh Vocal Music Festival (5-8 October) instead draw thousands of music lovers, who will listen to concerts of the highest level in the churches and crypts of a hillside village just outside the capital ( The Dead Sea region is instead animated by Tamar Music Festival (1-5 October) will host concerts with the best Israeli and international stars, as well as several concerts in the picturesque Masada ( In addition, for those who want to go in the Negev region, will visit Kibbutz Sde Boker, birthplace of Prime Minister David Ben Gurion ( While further south, in Timna Park, visitors can admire the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival (October 3 to 5


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