Risk managers this Unknown

The Italian SMEs, which account for 90% of the industrial fabric, can not afford the figure of a risk manager. A survey conducted by Cineas, a sample of 1,324 companies with turnovers of between 50 and 250 million euros, has revealed that over 80% of Italian entrepreneurs believes that the risks have increased over the past objectively, but only 46 % of them decided to entrust the management of political risk to a special division .  Different is happens to foreign” where 80% of companies view the risk as a key area that can provide useful tools to address market volatility and complexity of the organization. Over 91% of managers of 400 major companies worldwide currency risk management as a key tool both for growth and for profits (data Accenture). The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (Stop), has classified Italy in last place for the quality of its risk governance activities, precisely because of the large number of SMEs that underestimates or ignores the value added. More than 54% of Italian companies, in fact, has a dedicated and more than 84% do not plan to introduce in the near future (Cineas data). A proposal to contain the costs of a professional to take care of business risk is to rely on the insurance industry, which in recent years has specialized in providing, in addition to traditional insurance, appraisal services and placement of risks dedicated to SMEs, including services business analytics designed and offered for free to smaller organizations in order to make possible to optimize the allocation of capital and protect the reputation in the marketplace.


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