Paris Agreement. Unilever ceo Paul Polman’s COP22 message

“First of all, we’d like to thank the policymakers for the Paris Agreement. You’ve been very courageous to sign the COPP 21 agreement, clearly bending the curve on climate change, but not only that.

Since you’ve given a clear signal in Paris that we are going to decarbonize the global economy, business got a sign of certainty what to plan for, what to invest against. And not surprisingly, we have seen business react. Since Paris, the market for green bounced, the divestiture movement, the amount of money and their management calling for a price on carbon have grown exponentially. We now have over 1,400 business calling for a price on carbon or actually implementing a price on carbon already in their business model. And yes, at prices far higher than our currently discussed publicly.

The world is moving. We just need to move a little faster. Using Morocco to celebrate the agreement and having it go into force is absolutely key. A commitment to the hundred billion front and actually starting to implement that is even more important. And having countries come forward with specific progress, measurable and accountable towards their individual intended plans, is crucial.

Business itself will also need to be held accountable. And increasingly, we are seeing individual as well as sector-wide initiatives that show us that not only can we bend the curve, but we can actually stay below the 1.5 degrees to ensure that we achieve the sustainable development goals to be sure that we irreversibly eradicate poverty in a more sustainable and equitable way. And for that, we need to solve the issue of climate change.

Thank you once more for what you are doing.”


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