Only a money penalty FS for Arenaways story

“Yesterday’s decision by the Antitrust Authority, at least on the face of the principles, sheds some light on a story that is Kafkaesque to say the least.” Comments on the vice president of Confcommercio, Paul Uggè, the story of Arenaways, company founded in 2006 by Giuseppe Arena, an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the field, the first Italian private railway company to operate in passenger transportation. The Antitrust Authority has condemned the state railways to pay 300 000 euro fine for abusing dominant position through its subsidiaries RFI and Trenitalia implementing a complex strategy to hinder and prevent the entry of the fact Arenaways market. The obstacles used against the company by Giuseppe Arena have delayed the fact that the same could work for about 18 months. Arenaways was the first company that has attempted to undermine the monopoly of rail commuter services by providing innovative and quality, without cost to the State and that instead of being facilitated in this mission, given the inadequacy of services provided by ‘former monopoly, has met with an endless series of difficulties, to the point of having to carry books in court. “Antitrust”, Uggè concludes, “has, therefore, done justice to the entrepreneur Giuseppe Arena and confirmed a strong need to be backed-Confcommercio Companies for Italy to proceed without delay to a reorganization of the railway sector Italian and prevent the recurrence of anti-competitive conduct, such as those established by the Authority, damaging businesses and consumers.


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