Nuremberg capital of cooling from 9 to 11 October

These days supermarkets are under assault. But not by hordes of ravenous consumers. As we say the chronicles often lonely elderly people wander the aisles in search of refreshment. And so we find that the refrigeration and air conditioning play a decisive role not only for the proper functioning of the global economy but also the welfare state and the welfare state: ensuring the livelihoods, human health and daily well-being. It could be argued that the cold chain is to all intents and purposes the chain of life. Leaving the metaphor and climatic context / social situation that is hitting our country in recent weeks, there is no doubt that the role played by refrigeration is important and delicate. The supermarkets offer a wide range of meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Whether it is of regional or international specialties: the prerequisite for such a proposal is to ensure a rich unbroken cold chain, from harvesting and processing up to the shelves. In fact, only the maintenance of constant low temperatures ensures that food arrives fresh to the consumer. For this reason, the fish is now frozen already on board fishing vessels, the apples are stored in a special atmosphere at a temperature slightly above DI0 Cprima ° to the shops and, between the dairy and refrigerated shelves, the temperature of milk products must not exceed gli 8 ° C. These cold chains, which connect even different continents, are essential for the functioning of food daily. It makes possible the modern refrigeration technology.

The importance of refrigeration

It is no longer possible to imagine global transportation without the cold, let alone the production of food. The refrigeration technology plays a key role in the production of manufactured pharmaceutical and chemical industry. However, these are just some examples that show how important are the gains achieved by the refrigeration and air conditioning for industrial society and modern services. Without her, Google, Facebook & Co. would never have arrived on smartphones and tablets. For one simple reason: the flow of current generates more heat. If you consider that the internet and all digital interconnects are based on bits and bytes (ie the conditions on the alternation between “on” and “off”) quickly becomes clear what enormous development of heat significhiquesta flood of data. properly sized cooling systems working in local server 24 hours 24 to protect the equipment from overheating. The amount of heat generated by servers is such that operators move to a targeted server farms in the polar regions in order to save energy.

The high potential for energy savings

The spread of refrigeration and air conditioning in all spheres of life is accompanied by a high energy requirements in plant operations. For the production of cold, in Germany alone, for example, undertakes each year more than 14% of final total, well over half of that for the supply of fresh food. In figures: more than 77,000 gigawatt hours … enough to power a light bulb energy saving 11 watts for about 800 million years. Consider these figures increasing energy efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning industry is a key to the overall energy savings. A reduction of ten percent of such consumption means a share that corresponds to the annual requirement of electricity of almost two million households of four persons.

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry: Energy efficiency in focus

The underlying principle of refrigerators and air conditioners today does not differ from that of the first applications in the field of over 150 years ago. However, the components used do not currently have almost nothing in common with the components used then. State of the art control systems are now electronically controlled, flow-optimized fans in high tech materials and environmentally friendly refrigerants. In their sum the individual components go to make up systems that work in an ever more efficient from the aspect of energy. The refrigeration and air conditioning industry, which meets every two years at the trade fair in Nuremberg Chillventa – – which this year will be held from 9 to 11 October, take advantage of the global trend of reducing the consumption of energy. The technical possibilities are there and the potential energy savings achievable with a refrigeration and modern air conditioning is enormous. Thanks to the use of modern technologies over the last ten years, in the only segment of the cold housing, it could save over one quarter of the energy consumption. (G.M)


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