New CEO for WiseEnergy

Giuseppe Prestigiovanni is the new CEO of WiseEnergy, companies outsourcing management of photovoltaic systems, which provides asset management services to approximately 500 MW of photovoltaic plants in Italy. In his new role, the manager, in this time of very complex market, will have the task of consolidating and strengthening the position and expansion of WiseEnergy, implementing business strategies that can enhance the offer and accelerate its expansion. Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University and MBA Lol, Joseph Prestigiovanni reaches WiseEnergy after having served as CEO in Gerlicher Solar Italy, where he followed the delicate task of coordinating the start-up and consolidation of ‘ German company in the Italian market. Previously, he held senior management and sales strategy development for companies operating in the Telco and IT, both for the Italian market both home and abroad. The manager will focus on improving management and optimization of photovoltaic systems in a market where they were installed almost 14 GW of power.

WiseEnergy is an important asset management for photovoltaics, global leader in the outsourcing of large systems. The company’s goal is to be one-stop shop for investors in the photovoltaic industry does not have its own facilities operational, technical, financial and management. WiseEnergy is able to integrate all the skills and services needed for a complete management of photovoltaic systems, optimizing all aspects of operational, financial and administrative systems. In addition, through various partnerships, the company has built stable relationships with the best global operators bringing their customers more favorable conditions for their plants as supplies discounted technology, framework agreements with EPC and O & M, dealing with banks for the financing of debt, insurance providers or services. WiseEnergy was founded in 2008 by NextEnergy Capital, a leading investment bank specializing in the field of renewable energy in Europe. WiseEnergy operates on the international market through its offices in Milan, Rome, Palermo, London, Cape Town and Johannesburg and now manages a portfolio of over 500 MW of plants for investment value of about 2 billion euros.


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