LG Cloud: data streaming on the cloud

LG Electronics has unveiled the beta version of LG Cloud, a service that allows you to access all their digital files and use them in streaming. LG Cloud allows you to manage all the content from PC, by Android smartphone or Smart TV without the need for additional devices. To use the service simply download the app for Google to play, from the App Store LG SmartWorld www.lgecloud.com or website. The contents of the smartphone will be automatically synchronized with those stored on a PC or TV, while photos and videos taken with your smartphone will be available directly from PC or TV almost instantly.With LG Cloud, the waiting time for access to content is very short, thanks to its unique technology, LG Real-Time Stream Transcoding, which allows you to make the conversion is no longer on the device, but directly on the server, in real time, automatically and without install additional programs. The service is also compatible with 3D content: Holiday videos made with a 3D smartphone LG LG Cloud can be uploaded via 3G or Wi-fi. Initially, Cloud LG will be available both free and fee in Asia and America. The free space available and the prices will be different depending on the market and will be announced when the service will be available in several states. The European launch is still being defined.


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