Kuminda back in October, which winks at Expo 2015

From 11 to 15 October in Milan Kuminda back, right to food of the festival, organized by ACRA and Terre di mezzo Events: five days of shows, tastings, meetings, workshops dedicated to food in all its aspects. Kuminda says the food through different stages: from the kitchen to laboratories, from seminars to meetings – to talk about those who consume it, of who produces it, to share experiences virtuous agricultural production, cooperation projects with countries of the South , the distribution supply chains, sustainable conscious consumer choices. It ‘a time when knowledge about the activities and relished company engaged in food and agriculture.
From October 12 to 14 event will be held at Cockaigne House, recently restored to its former glory by the Consortium Farm Cockaigne. For three days visitors will be brought closer to the discovery of products and prepared meals in a sustainable manner through tastings, tastings, meetings with producers, performances and shows.
Kuminda will also moments of analysis and study, as the conference “Cultivating diversity, cultivate participation”, which will be held Friday, October 14. Appointment will include representatives of the Milanese institutions and European food experts from academia and managers of cooperative projects in agriculture. The meeting aims to compare some success stories, promoted by local authorities active in the European food sovereignty and propose an update on the international debate that looks at the participation of citizens as a central element in the sustainable management of natural resources and above all the food resource.
The evening of Thursday 11 and Monday, October 15th will be dedicated to the movies: Apollo Space Cinema will host a selection of short and feature films in the ninth edition of the Festival Lands (International Audiovisual Award of Biodiversity) in Rome, organized by Crossroads. Screenings, discussions and meetings to hear the stories of cultures and cultures and tell, through the eye of the camera, the possibility of developing a sustainable planet.


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