Klimamobility raises hydrogen as an ecological fuel

The eco-friendly tour, organized by H2moves Scandinavia to promote hydrogen as a fuel of the future ecological, is leading the way to the second edition of Klimamobility, international exhibition of sustainable mobility, Fiera Bolzano 20 to 22 September – http:// www.fierabolzano.it /klimamobility.
Bolzano is the only Italian H2 Road Tour to Sweden, one of the first regions in Europe where hydrogen is available and used in a network of petrol stations, touch the most “green” of Europe. the promoter H2moves Scandinavia, funded by the European Commission and the European Industry, was established with the aim of emphasizing the importance of creating infrastructure that can support the growing market demand for hydrogen cars. was organized for this purpose is the ‘European Hydrogen Road Tour that will begin on September 13th from Hamburg to switch from Hannover, Dusserldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Monaco, Bolzano (Wednesday, 19 and Thursday, Sept. 20, opening day of Klimamobility and Klimaenergy) – Paris, Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon , London, Odense, and finally, Copenhagen. the tour, which lasts 28 days for a total of 4,000 km, provides educational seminars and events ride & drives.


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