International Assistance Group turns 20 and celebrates them in the company of Direct Line

Direct Line – – celebrates the 20 th anniversary of International Assistance Group – – the international network that since 1992, brings together independent companies that provide health care services, tourism, legal, road and the house around the world.  The group sees direct line between its founding to the present has 47 partners and generates a total turnover of 678 million euro. To exclusive property of its partners, International Assistance Group works with hundreds of agents and suppliers in the medical and technical (home and car), and employs more than 6,800 staff offering assistance in more than 180 nations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its customers can receive assistance in time of need anytime, anywhere. Each partner, in fact, is specialized in one or more specific areas and become part of IAG only if it conforms to a set of criteria for admission. Rigid criteria. In 2011 the group and its partners have managed more than 3.9 million cases and 30,000 returns, through 54 operating plants. The only worldwide network consists of independent service companies, International Assistance Group uses a system of governance that focuses on a supervisory board, elected every two years and selected from the top management of the partner companies.

The Direct Line Group, active since 1987, and offers to business users and consumers of insurance services and innovative services in four areas: travel and tourism, auto, health, home and family. The main provision of services and service performance is made possible by a modern and efficient operations center and a network of service partners operating in the five continents participated in the International Assistance Group Sas. They are part of the Direct Line Group: Direct Line SpA, direct line AssicurazioniSpA – parent company of the insurance group-directed ServiceSpA eFilo AmiAssistance SpA, in addition to investments in direct line to World Care International Assistance Group Srl and sas. Direct Line is also part of the direct line Onlus the nonprofit organization in support of the social group.


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