How to recover the old packaging and be in compliance with EU standards

An Italian Patent allow food industry to adapt to the new European regulations on labels without having to throw away the material they have in stock. The European Commission regulation, approved in November last year, is clear: there must be no more secrets on the label of nutrition facts, vegetable oils, allergens, origin of products and many other valuable information for consumersIt will be comply within three years , five for the tables but the companies have warehouses full of packages that are likely to become unusable by creating a problem with serious environmental and economic impact. If consumers have everything to gain from higher standards and transparent labeling for manufacturers to adapt the packaging is a process that requires time and expense. Rotoprint. has developed a system to register gravure overprint that allows you to accurately pinpoint the rework material already ready with a lower cost than rebuilding from scratch the packaging, which should be added the costs for the storage and disposal of waste. All this saving in CO2 emissions. A system with which you can edit the list of ingredients, install, or promotional messages, add nutrition labels, highlight the allergens and add all the particulars required by the new legislation.


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