Hololens Citi Holographic Workstation for Financial Trading

Hololens Citi Holographic Workstation for Financial Trading

8ninths is a Seattle-based Mixed and Virtual Reality studio that provides platform solutions and services for industries across all verticals. Partnering with large enterprise customers, they utilize new technologies to meet business objectives in the most innovative and competitive way. They believe that Mixed and Virtual Reality is the next huge wave in technology.

The workstation itself is a framework that extends information-based computing into mixed reality by integrating 2D screen space; 3D holographic docking space; keyboard, mouse, gaze, gesture and voice input; and the customary trading floor phone systems. The station complements existing Citibank devices and workflows, including traditional news terminals, email, chat, and core components of Citibank’s proprietary trading application.

Financial traders’ current workstations provide an abundance of data, but in formats that are difficult to process and prioritize—long streams of figures on multiple monitors, each representing something different. They wanted to use a combination of 2D and 3D presentations of data to optimize the trader’s ability to extract meaning from the information, quickly and accurately. If we could increase efficiency while reducing time, cost, and the cognitive load of working with abstract data, we could bring the same strengths to bear across any domain involving data interpretation and collaboration. Thus, they created the Holographic Workstation—a new paradigm that has ramifications far beyond the world of finance to information workers of all kinds.

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