Gorizia festival from August 31 to September 2 for the Vegetarian Festival

Expects more than 20,000 visitors and hundreds of companies in the agri-food bio in the third edition of Gorizia Vegetarian Festival, which this year is titled Out of the depths to the stars. After the success of last year the organizers, even after listening to the needs of small family farms that participate with their products, have increased the open days, from one to three days, and convinced the City to host ‘s event in the center of Gorizia.Organizzato from Biolab – one of the most important companies in the production of food ready for those who choose to give up meat and animal protein – this year the Festival will take place from Friday ‘on August 31 to Sunday, September 2 in spaces of Piazza Vittoria, via Rastello, Via Roma and Via Oberdan.

This is not an event targettizzato, said Massimo Santinelli, festival director and president Biolab, which invites participation curious ordinary people who want to take an opportunity to learn other ways to approach food and more. In Italy there are over 6 million vegetarians and vegans over 600 000 (total vegetarians who do not eat any kind of animal protein). In just three editions, the Festival has become the most important event of the city, a great vehicle for tourism Friulian. So that will also Boris Kante, The Note association, representing the Municipality of Nova Gorica interested in the initiative and assured in the next edition a greater commitment and involvement. To anticipate the three days will take care of the photo exhibition “Sea Shepherd. History of 35 years of direct action for the oceans “, inaugurated on August 24 by Andrea Morello, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society coordinator for Italy, and visited free of charge until September 9th (Monday to Saturday: from 18 to 21.30; during the days of the festival: from 10 to 23) at the Association of New Labour, in Rastello 74.

The exhibition, in addition to presenting the history of the association, showing its fleet, offering shots made during the campaign ocean, including chilling of tuna fishing of seals, whales, dolphins and Mediterranean bluefin tuna. In particular, a section of the exhibition tells, through high-impact images, the direct actions of the Sea Shepherd fleet in favor of various species at risk of estinzione.Dal August 31 to September 2, the program will be very dense and will embrace all aspects of life green, from food, health, information and culture for the simple fun and authentic for adults and children.

FOOD – Next to the menu of the Festival, which you can enjoy in the dining area for 350 people and will offer dishes prepared strictly without the use of animal protein, there will be four bistro, each of which will prepare a veg specialties: cakes, breads and pizzas , frozen organic yogurt, sweet and savory crepes without eggs or milk, centrifugal fresh organic fruit. There will also be space catering for four-legged friends, always strictly based on vegetarian foods. And, new 2012, for those not able to decide between many delicacies is the Big Veg menu: first, second and outline … surprise!

HEALTH – From pediatrician Luciano Proietti, who chose to raise their children on a vegetarian diet and explain how to grow healthy vegetarian children, the psychiatrist Mark Bertali with his thoughts on vegetarianism Joseph Coco, physiotherapy and techniques of traditional Tibetan medicine, will the number of experts to be used in the races of the three days of the festival to address the issue of vegetarianism in relation to health.

CULTURE – is taking place on stage at the Festival economist Andrea Segre and radio host Massimo Cirri with the play “ECO-SPR +. Formulas for non-food waste, “Devis Bonanni and his project green Pecoranera, astrophysicist Margherita Hack, Professor Gianni Tamino University of Padua and former MEP, president of the Alternative Projects for Economy and the ‘ Paul Ermani environment, the freediving champion Enzo Majorca, the biologist Maddalena Jahoda, Fabio Brescacin, CEO of the Ecor – NaturaSì, Guido Martinetti, designer and owner of Grom gelato, the BioContessa Renata Balducci. Side event to the event, then, will be the No Impact Cinema film festival, created by the operators of Mediateca.GO Ugo Casiraghi of the Province of Gorizia, in collaboration with the Kinemax of Gorizia. Eleven works tell through the environment, exploitation of resources, the relationship with nature, sustainable choices, recycling, food and consumerism. The projections, with free admission, will be held at the hall of Kinemax 3.

FUN AND CHILDREN – Many proposals for the little ones, from workshops conducted by Marco Raparoli, theater artist, street and circus, juggler, acrobat and acrobat. M fun is also synonymous with learning in workshops conducted by the Science Centre Kids Imaginary Scientific Trieste, science museum and interactive multimedia edutainment inspired by the tradition. Laboratories, as well as entertain and develop dexterity and creativity, also represent an opportunity to raise awareness of the “budding scientists” the importance of three different themes: energy, recycling, environment and sustainability. For the whole family, also the performance of Marco Raparoli and Trukitrek, Spanish theater company that produces shows with puppets for an audience of all ages.
SPECIAL GUEST – To close the festival should be, Sunday, Sept. 2, Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd’s history, the international organization that defends the natural habitat and contrasts with his craft the illegal slaughter of whales and dolphins. Under house arrest in Frankfurt since last May 13th (he weighs about an arrest warrant from Costa Rica for a campaign against the illegal trade in shark fins conducted by the association in 2002), Watson fled from Germany after receiving a second arrest warrant by the Japanese government to respond to the allegations concerning the actions of opposition to illegal whaling in the whale sanctuary. He is now in an undisclosed location. To make the place you will be Hammarsted Peter, captain of the Bob Barker in the campaign “Divine Wind” during which they were saved 768 whales in the Southern Whale Sanctuary. Captain tell the public of the Festival precious testimonies of his experience with Sea Shepherd Association reached its 35th year of direct action to protect the oceans of the world.

RECIPE AND VEG BAG – In this third edition back then, thanks to the collaboration with EcornaturaSì, the ‘Veg Bag’: a practical shopping bag in organic cotton containing a selection of the best Italian products certified organic, available in the stores of networks and Cuorebio NaturaSì. The commercial value of 32 euros, is offered at a fixed price of 15 euros (reservations online and pick up at the event). The Veg Bag is the real financing of the Festival, today they were booked already 500. Not only that, to approach the vegetarian cuisine, will be on sale during the weekend of the Festival “Vegetarian Cookbook”, with an introduction by Margherita Hack, convinced vegetarian. The cookbook contains 21 recipes, from regional dishes to the most extravagant preparations.


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