FG Distribution completes its offer with Guillemot Corporation

FG Distribution, www.fgdistribuzione.com, distributor of the ICT sector, has signed an agreement with Guillemot Corporation, a leader in the field of hardware and accessories for PC and game consoles to the official distribution of the brand Thrustmaster and Hercules Italia.Target market as well as this kind of operation, is that of the so-called gamer, true fans of video games, considered among the most demanding and prepared the IT world, always eager to improve their game performance and innovative products with higher efficiency, more features and a practical and modern. Especially in recent years, the market for gaming peripherals has flattened these needs with solutions that are more specialized and targeted, but often this was followed by an exaggerated increase in prices. “Thrustmaster” says Mario Pontini of Fg Distribution, “provides a wide range of gaming peripherals suitable for both the casual player to the professional gamer with an excellent price-quality performance while Hercules is a brand of choice for audio solutions , Wi-Fi, DJing and Power.


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