Ecolight not throw away (almost) nothing

I’m almost 25 thousand tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (RAEE) collected last year of which 23,300 sent to recovery. He writes the Social Report 2011 published by Ecolight, non-profit consortium that includes about 1,500 companies. With the activity in the management of waste from electrical and electronic equipment in 2011 has begun to recover Ecolight 12 thousand tons of iron, 5 thousand tons of plastic, aluminum and 800 thousand of glass. Good results from the management of spent batteries and accumulators which secured 204 tons of waste with a recovery rate of 96.5%. The number of associated companies increased by 25% and 90% of companies includes large-scale distribution. An important value that testifies to the greater sensitivity of the companies for the recovery and recycling of materials. On the management front, the consortium has worked in the collection of household RAEE in 2775 sampling points located in the municipal collection points in shops and through the One on One service dedicated to the distribution and collection of electronic waste directly with professional companies. Overall it is a system that works and start to produce significant results. But it can still grow. In Italy we have reached the 4.3 kg of RAEE per inhabitant per capita compared with 10 kg of other countries. Established in 2004, is a leading Ecolight collective systems for the management of RAEE, spent batteries and accumulators. The consortium, which includes about 1,500 companies, is the second nationally for the amount of input and the first for the number of associates. It was also the first scheme in Italy to have the quality certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It is a point of reference for the large distribution (GDO) and treats all types of RAEE.


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