Deutsche Bank I° trimestre con utile pre-tasse di €1.6mld

Dati di sintesi del bilancio approvato

Deutsche Bank – utile pre-tasse di €1.6mld nel primo trimestre 2021

Utile trimestrale più alto degli ultimi 7 anni

• Utile pre-tasse di € 1.6 mld – utile netto di € 1.0 mld (vs rispettivamente €206mln e €66mln nel primo trimestre 2020)

• Group post-tax Return on Tangible Equity (RoTE) of 7.4% (vs -0,3% nel primo trimestre 2020)

Christian Sewing, Chief Executive Officer

“Our first quarter is further evidence that Deutsche Bank is on the right path in all four core businesses, and is building sustainable profitability.

In addition to substantial revenue growth over an already-strong prior year quarter, we demonstrated cost and risk discipline.

We achieved a post-tax return on tangible equity of above 7%, and returns in the Core Bank are already ahead of our ambition for next year. These results give us confidence that we’ll reach our 2022 targets.”

Core Bank (excl. Capital Release Unit) profit before tax of € 2.0 billion, more than double the prior year quarter, driven by significant profit growth across all core businesses

• Corporate Bank: up 90% to € 229 million

• Investment Bank: up 134% to € 1.5 billion

• Private Bank: up 92% to € 274 million

• Asset Management: up 66% to € 183 million

• Core Bank post-tax RoTE1 of 10.9%, versus 4.9% in the prior year quarter

Capital Release Unit reduces quarterly pre-tax loss by 46% year on year with further RWA reduction

• Positive net revenues of € 81 million

• 28% year on year reduction in noninterest expenses

Net revenue growth of 14% to € 7.2 billion

• Highest Group quarterly net revenues since 1st quarter 2017 despite business exits

• Core Bank net revenues grew 12% to € 7.2 billion

Further year on year reduction in costs

• Noninterest expenses of € 5.6 billion, down 1%

• Adjusted costs ex-transformation charges1 down 2% to € 5.3 billion including bank levy charges of € 571 million

• 13 successive quarters of year on year reductions in quarterly adjusted costs ex-transformation charges and bank levies1

Capital, risk and balance sheet strength maintained in the quarter

• Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) capital ratio rises to 13.7%

• Provision for credit losses of € 69 million, down 86% year on year, representing 6 basis points of average loans annualised

• Liquidity reserves stable versus previous quarter at € 243 billion