Connected by videoconference from the beach in just 3 minutes

Going on vacation can be done but many managers this year, given the times, they are not equipped to remain completely isolated from the rest of the world. Besides the fear of being left out of decisions and management of exceptional events that can happen in the company, an accomplice of the phenomenon, is the proliferation of devices and applications of technology simple and accessible that keep executives engaged in a briefing and video conferencing between a swim in the pool and a cocktail on the beach. And maybe you’ve just started and immediately received a call from your boss: there is to attend a meeting unexpected urgent and important that “you can not miss” to be held tomorrow morning at the office. This would abruptly terminate the holiday. But since your office has installed applications that use video conferencing, your first thought was to ask if you could participate through a link. The answer was yes, so he turned his attention on how to use the beach. For those who can not – or can not break away completely from work – HD video conferencing Vidyo shortens the distance in less than 3 minutes. What to do? Simple: check for a computer and an Internet connection. Done. Check the operation of the webcam and speakerphone. Done. Check the connection to a video room for a test before the meeting. Done. The next morning at 9.26 am you turn your laptop into the hotel room, open the browser and through a simple link that you have sent the night before your colleagues access to the service in a few seconds. The ballroom was already connected to the office and had opened the window for the video room. At that point you can start the meeting with colleagues Link to video tutorial:


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