Companies are investing on the Film Festival in Venice

By Carlo Faricciotti. Cubovision also will attend the 69th Venice International Film Festival, scheduled from August 29 to September 8. The festival Venetian is the oldest film festival in the interactive TV mondo.La Telecom Italy, which offers content available on the Web, TV and mobile devices, tell news and gossip from the lagoon. On the subject of recent research The festival film festival – When culture makes, curated by Mario Abis and Gianni Canova (Johan & Levi Editore) has highlighted the ability of the festival to act as a stimulus to the economy of the territory activating virtuous processes of increase in demand for goods and services in the areas affected in the event, pulse, which translates into a return on investment that will attract even private lenders.

At a time in which the investment in traditional culture has lost public support and has to turn to private sponsors, and in light of the economic crisis, which also discourages investment companies, measure and understand the economic return of these events is a tool crucial to boosting the sector and all formulas Puccini Festival of cultural promotion.

The Exhibition 2012 has a budget of 12 million euros over 7 allocated by the State, the other from sponsors including the two main Lancia and JaegerLeCoultre. The automaker will be the main sponsor of the opening night, as well as patron of the Lancia Café, home of interviews, meetings and aperitifs or as in 2011. JaegerLeCoultre, however, is sponsoring the prize Glory to the Film-maker Award, which will be handed over to Spike Lee on August 31. The director will present his documentary about Michael Jackson. In addition Emergency support through a charity.


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