In Sardinian the largest photovoltaic greenhouse

Made from Indian multinational Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited (Mbcel) and General Electric in Villasor town west of Cagliari, the greenhouse, the first investment in Italy Mbcel and GE, is a mega 26-acre facility that is revolutionizing the old model energivorous of agriculture in greenhouses, introducing a new combination of development based on quality agriculture and clean energyEndowed of 134 greenhouses on Scioffu produce quality horticultural crops for the domestic market currently importer of agricultural products for 80% of its needs. The first harvest is expected in October 2012. Leasint is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which owns 100% of the capital. In this context, oversees the Italian leasing market using sales channels as well as the Group’s banking networks and, through the control center leases, non-captive channels such as brokers, dealers and suppliers. The company is a leader in the industry thanks to a portfolio of 50,000 customers and 18 billion in loans. With a staff of 400 specialists, uses for the sale of products of the collaboration of the 5,600 branches of banks in the Group. Leasint is active in all sectors from the point of view of both the type of clientele (in all sectors of the world “business” – from multinationals to SMEs – but also artisans, professionals, retailers and private) of both products. Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited (MBCEL) was founded in 2008 with the objective of following the development of plants producing renewable energy from sources throughout the world. And ‘an owner and developer of photovoltaic projects in India and worldwide. And ‘the largest companies in India that develops photovoltaic systems and one of the largest companies in the world that operates in the field.


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