BioFach launched the challenge to the economy

The organic sector can contribute to the achievement of a ‘sustainable economy. And ‘the challenge of BioFach, the world fair for organic products, at the next edition to be held in Nuremberg February 13 to 16 of 2013. At the exhibition is attended by representatives of the entire European and international organic sector. Companies and operators that contribute substantially to create and shape the organic movement. A growing movement given the results of last year which saw the participation of more than 40,000 professional buyers from 130 countries with 2,420 exhibitors, 204 of which are concentrated on the leading exhibition of natural personal care and wellness. Four major items which will revolve around meetings of the event next year: co-operation, creation and value chain, conflict (positive) between regionalism and globalization But the main theme of BioFach, supported and sponsored by the Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) , is focalizzareà on how the bio sector can help make the world more livable by enhancing cooperation and solidarity. A focus that is linked to the main theme of this year: sustainability. “The common understanding of the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture, a transformation that preserves the values of fair trade and are the foundation of stable organic movement and determine the same time its strength,” says Markus Arbenz responsible IFOAM German . “To strengthen and affirm a sustainable economy in the ecological, economic and cultural need more equity between the actors involved in all stages of the chain of value creation. Need for greater cooperation and solidarity in the global organic industry along the entire chain of value creation by ensuring transparency and traceability, requirements for safety and evaluability both ethical and ecological products and consumer confidence. The regional economic activity have always been a model for the international organic movement. At the same time, often, social and economic developments at the local level are made possible only by the business on a global scale. Internationality means also variety. In view of BioFach is essential to increase the dialogue on how we can reconcile the ecological optimization of the chain of value creation and global interconnectedness. We are also faced with global challenges require global solutions. Only joint action at the global level ensures its survival. The community values of bio guarantees that. “The industry representatives also agreed on the need to expand the level of the partners to be able to improve the marketing of organic products and look forward to the birth of partnership and cooperation that are of benefit to all: producers, processors and marketing, consumers, researchers and consultants, certifiers and providers of services, both regionally and between south and north, and between small and large, as well as globally. All exhibitors and their latest information on product can be found at: and


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