An opportunity to create cohousing solutions in Florence

The City of Florence has joined the Notice of the Tuscany Region for new construction with the mode of self-construction-AutoRemounter providing owned property, namely: Via Aretina 513, in Via delle Torri 31; Via Reginaldo Giuliani 364. The deadline of the call is scheduled for September 20. Those interested in participating must respond immediately at: dina.pasqualetti @ with the subject: Call City Florence. If the requests received were numerous municipal administration is willing to proposals for other land and buildings owned by the city. For “DIY” is not absolutely necessary to have already done work in construction, because there will always be those who will follow and will show how to work. The self-construction allows a reduction in costs ranging from 35 to 60%. One very important thing is that these properties can be built with common areas: a real cohousing. The housing built will be placed in rent. But what are the main requirements of tenants of housing? Have Italian or European citizenship, or be in compliance with the rules on immigration, have his residence or work prevalent in the Region of Tuscany, not to own property in the same region have a value ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) of the core family, not exceeding € 35,000.00. By “household” means one or more persons related by blood or affection living in the same household as a result dall’anagrafe city, but also those who are motivated by the intention to form a new family unit. The rent will be determined by the 3.2% of the cost of the interventions and the duration of the contract will be between 15 and 30 years. Here are the links the Public Notice, of which these lines are short, and the descriptions of the houses provided by the City.

PUBLIC NOTICE GRT Resolution 566 of 11.07.2011 to: Via Aretina 513; Via delle Torri 31; Via Reginaldo Giuliani 364


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