A third of Europeans will be following the Olympics games online

At a third of all Europeans will follow the Games online. And ‘what emerges from a survey questioning 3,500 people in April. One European on fine prefer to watch Olympic Games online, compared to the previous edition. Furthermore, half of them will be willing to tolerate delays of no more than two minutes on the stream, otherwise it will try an alternative source to watch the races. And what are the disciplines will be followed? The men’s 100m plans (51% of votes), followed by men’s 100m freestyle swimming (36%) and men’s football final (30%). According to Apurva Dave, vice president of Stingray products business unit of Riverbed enthusiasts use PC, laptop or other mobile devices to follow their favorite athletes, receive real time updates and purchase merchandise for the event. For this reason, companies must be able to respond to the growth of traffic during the Games to avoid losing visitors and, therefore, return to advertising and sales opportunities through e-commerce. Riverbed helps organizations worldwide to address the challenges related to performance when accessing applications and data online. The Stingray family of products provides solutions for application delivery controller (ADC) and web content optimization (WCO) that allow businesses to create, manage and provide basic services quickly, flexibly and at lower cost. Stingray also allows you to monitor and optimize Web services by analyzing, prioritizing and balancing the traffic, so that the user experience is fast and reliable even during events of global significance such as the Olympics.


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