Export in calo nel mese, in aumento nell’anno

epa04846755 An Antonov AN-28 twin-engine plane is seen between the engines of an Antonov-225 'Mriya' transport plane as it approaches a runway on the compound of the Antonov aircraft plant in Kiev, Ukraine, 14 July 2015. The Antonov plant was founded in 1920 and has reportedly built about 7,000 aircraft in its history while counting the planes it has repaired to several dozens of thousands. The company's major part is connected with the production of Antonov airplanes, best known for their cargo giants 'Ruslan' and 'Mriya' which are  seen as the prestige and special pride of the aviation designers. More than 13,500 people work at the enterprise in these days, among them representatives of 198 professions and specialities, the full staff of designers and scientists working in 35 scientific directions including aerodynamics, mechanics, mechatronics, hydraulics, heat engineering, avionic and material science.  EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY

Export italiano sull’altalena. Le esportazioni calano a giugno 2015 rispetto al mese precedente (-0,6%), ma aumentano del 9,4% in valore rispetto allo stesso mese 2014. Lo rileva l’Istat. Nel secondo trimestre c’è un aumento delle vendite estere del 2,1%. Le importazioni, invece, sono in “rilevante aumento” rispetto a maggio del 4,3% e rispetto al 2014 del 12,2%, nel trimestre crescono del 4,6%. La bilancia commerciale a giugno è in surplus per 2,8 miliardi di euro, in calo dai 3,3 miliardi dell’anno precedente.

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